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        Zhang Xu


        Doctor of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

        Vice Chairman of the Innovation Entrepreneur Committee of the National Major Talent Project Association, Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu National Major Talent Engineering Association and Chairman of the Biomedical Professional Committee, Chairman / Member of the Suzhou High-tech Zone Medical Device Industry Association (Medical Device Innovation Society) long

        Former CEO / CTO of Yaneng Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical core holding member company

        Chen Hao


        Bachelor of Laws, Tongji University, Master of Biotechnology, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.
        He has led investments in many projects such as Aishi Technology, Xinqing Medical, Spectrum Life, Ruiqian Technology, Qingpu Technology, Guoke Junhao, Dima Biology, Angkai Life and so on.

        Zou Xueming


        He is a national major talent engineering expert, deputy secretary-general of the Thousand Talents Association, and vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Association of Sichuan Province.
        Founder and chairman of Aotai Medical, the company developed China's first 1.5T large-diameter superconducting magnet and superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance equipment with independent intellectual property rights in 2007.
        Dr. Xueming Zou was elected as a member of the American Academy of Medical and Bioengineering (AIMBE Fellow) for his outstanding contributions in the development and technology of magnetic resonance imaging systems.

        Zhao Yong


        Scientist for medical device giants Medtronic and St. Yoda.
        Leader of the Medical Device Group of the National Federation of Major Talent Engineering Experts, and Vice Chairman of the Suzhou National Federation of Major Talent Engineering Experts

        Cao Jin


        Entrepreneurship mentor of national major talent engineering expert, independent director and consultant of many listed companies, guest host of the financial channel column of Guangzhou TV station, special professor of Tsinghua University, mentor of "Leadership 100", special appointment of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Mentor, science and technology consultant of Qingzhou Municipal People's Government.
        He used to be the executive deputy general manager of American ASHIR Capital, etc .; he used to be the managing partner of Shenzhen Hexing Capital Management Co., Ltd .; he is familiar with many industries and has many years of experience as the CEO of the company. He has been focusing on mergers and acquisitions, listing business, and responsible for multiple projects. Operation.

        Lin Dongping


        National major talent engineering expert, once a scientist and vice president of Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd., presided over the development of an automatic external defibrillator that filled the national gap.
        Responsible for mergers and acquisitions, foreign cooperation, product development and intellectual property rights, regulations, and high-end product development, and participate in the formulation of strategic planning. In the medical device field, he has rich experience in executives of listed companies and entrepreneurship and investment experience.
        He used to be the CTO of NASDAQ listed company (Cardiac Science, Inc.).

        Liu Liyu


        Expert of National Key Talent Engineering, Deputy Secretary-General of National Key Talent Engineering Association, Executive Deputy Dean of School of Physics, Chongqing University, Vice President of Chongqing European and American Students Association, Member of the 5th CPPCC, Standing Committee of CPPCC of Chongqing The leader of the People's Electronic Information Group, the first batch of young "973" plan scientists, won the "Lu Jiaxi" Young Talent Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chongqing Top Ten Science and Technology Youth Award. Mainly engaged in research on cancer biophysics, microfluidic biochips, and 3D bioprinting. Mainly engaged in the research and application of intelligent 3D printing and medical image big data "sub-health" screening.

        Wang Tie


        National major talent engineering expert, Ph.D., Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Researcher and team leader of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, post professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Distinguished Professor at Fuzhou University, winner of the National Youth Fund, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund in 2019.
        Mainly engaged in the research of nano-in vitro diagnostic technology, including the diagnosis technology of exhaled lung cancer patients, the genetic diagnosis technology of single nucleotide acid polymorphism treatment, the bionic bone regeneration filling material, and the use of free technology, respectively in Beijing and Fujian. Two genetic analysis and imaging testing companies.

        Fund Investment Platform
        Investment field: focus on the field of medical devices
        Investment stage: mainly based on early projects, supplemented by mature projects
        Investment logic: high technical barriers and clear clinical market needs just
        I want to finance
        Accurate empowerment platform
        Service: full service and resource connection from landing to industrialization
        Purpose: lead in, stay in, live long, grow up
        Objective: To build a medical device industry gathering area and ecosystem
        I want to start a business
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        Strategic Partners
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